Glamour during the cold December days

One of the reasons we adore Christmas is because it brings some much-needed glamour and sparkle into our dull December lives. We may not see the sun for weeks at a time, but our homes become welcoming sanctuaries of colour and light, the perfect place to celebrate.
Choosing the right ornaments can be tricky, as very few people find themselves starting from scratch. So many of us have favourite baubles from childhood, or adorable home-made decorations we just can’t bear to throw away, no matter how tatty they get.

The trick is to upgrade your ornament collection with a selection of beautifully designed baubles in your favourite colour scheme, and for this, is your one-stop-shop for festive fulfilment.

By introducing some gorgeous new pieces, your tree can go from dull to delightful; the eye-catching centrepiece to your Christmas display.
Don’t restrict yourself to just dressing the tree, either; baubles look ultra-stylish displayed in vases and bowls, or suspended from mantelpieces and windows, where the light can catch them. This is a lovely way of taking your colour scheme right through the house.

Select your ornaments with care – classic Christmas colours such as green, red, copper and silver will never date. Make sure you love the design, and that they match your décor, and choose them for wearability too. Glass baubles are pretty but horribly fragile – the ‘synthetic but authentic’ ornaments from look just like glass, but are a fraction of the price and will last much longer. They are destined to become heirlooms of their own!

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