Christmas Trees

It is and always will be the age-old Christmas dilemma – to get a real tree or to get an artificial tree? There are certainly pros and cons for each side of the argument. A natural tree brings an unmistakably pleasant scent of Christmas in to the house but unfortunately, as all real plants do, eventually succumbing to its life span and dropping needles all over the floor – not so great for kids, pets and housework. Artificial trees do not suffer from this problem and, provided a good choice has been made upon initial purchase, will continue to look as near to real as possible – unless of course you’ve gone trendy and chosen a distinctly artificial tree in a lurid colour or one that flashes fibre optic colours – without ever making a mess of its surrounding environment.

A new trend in Christmas tree retail is to buy an artificial tree that comes in a pre-decorated state to take all of the hassle out of turning your home in to a winter wonderland. An increasing number of specialised websites such as, for example,, offer a wide range of trees and decoration packages that are helping to make Christmas a stress free time full of simple decisions. With both basic and luxury options available, an artificial pre-decorated tree of this nature is not only a novel and easy idea for Christmas but also a cost effective choice that you will be able to re-use and get many years worth of pleasure from.

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